Popcorn & Peanut Sale

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Have you heard about our Galactic-wide kickoff on July 29th?  Make sure to save the date as we will have training for everyone including our Pilots (Scouts)!  Register here:


Haven't had a chance to register you Unit to sell?  Do so here:

2017 Council & District P&P Contact Information

Jeff Obenschain                Council Kernel                  540-478-5935

Briana Haley                     Council Staff Advisor         540-808-8842

Scott Desmond                 Monticello Scout Kernel      434-242-1538

Jason Jennings                 Monticello Cub Kernel        434-466-1735

Mike Bell                          Southern Kernel                540-319-8616

Audrey Frazier                  Valley Kernel                    540-241-2880 

Karl Schaeffer                   Massanutten Kernel           540-421-4936

The Council and District level volunteers are here to help you, use them!
 Ask questions, get answers!