Unit Press Releases


Are we doing our part to present a positive image of Scouting in our community?  Below are unit press releases to highlight events or accomplishments.

When sending the press release be sure to use a subject line that gets the recipient's attention.  We recommend the following formats:

For Events:

    DATE - Local Boy Scout (event name) - city

    THURSDAY - Local Boy Scout STEM Center Ribbon Cutting - Swoope


For Achievements:

    Local Boy Scout earns Eagle Scout Award - City


Press releases should be sent 6 days out and then again the day before with the date changed to TOMORROW.  These recommendations are from news editors from local television media who receive hundreds of requests a day.

Press Release Templates

Eagle Scout Award Press Release

Media Contacts - every effort is made to keep this current, if you changes need to be made please email Michael Hesbach with updates.